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Blog Design of Navi

Navi aims to make financial services simple, transparent and accessible to all. Founded in Dec 2018, Navi started with Digital Lending. In only 3 months post its launch it became one of the largest lending apps in the country.

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Design Specs



Navi Body


Navi Body

Type Font Size ( In Pixels ) Weight Line Spacing ( In Pixels )
H1 28 700 33.6
H2 27.2 500 32.64
H3 22.4 400 33.6
H4 16 400 19.2
H5 - - -
H6 - - -
Paragraph 16 400 24






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Article Hero

Navi has a pretty straightforward hero section, like the one you'd find in popular WordPress blog themes.

Before the title, there are breadcrumbs to navigate to the blog category.

After the title, it shows the publishing date, category, and featured image.

On the left, there is a fixed table of contents that appears till the end of the article.

Article Body

The article content offers good readability, but the choice of fonts could have been better.

In certain articles, the information is well presented in table:

After the conclusion, there is a section for FAQs:

Blog Imagery

Featured Image

Navi uses stock photos for articles that cover general topics like loans, savings, insurance etc.

They design custom images for topics for which it's not possible to find stock images. For example government schemes launched in India or describing a particular section of India's Income Tax act.

In-content Images

There are rarely any images used within the content of the articles. In some instances, they add screenshots of portals to avail various services.

What We Like

Navi provides great navigation both in terms of breadcrumbs and table of contents.

The best part is the information presented in tables, which is clearly legible even on smaller screens.